We provide a range of services to achieve your goals, whether you require a complete house refurbishment, extension, investment property development or simply a new kitchen or bathroom. We will take your idea through to completion and provide guidance where required. We aim to organize our work in the most efficient way and deliver the finished result on agreed budget, within the estimated time and to a quality standard that you expect.

With a strong client focus we take care in ensuring your requirements are met and want to make the process as stress free as possible for you. Works will be completed by our team of highly experienced tradesmen and as we offer a complete project management service you only have one person to call and discuss matters with, saving the stress of dealing with multiple trades.

House Refurbishments

We are a Northampton based company, specialised in complete property refurbishments – we take care of all aspects: plumbing, electrics, carpentry, windows, plaster, painting & decorating, bathrooms and kitchens installation.

Finding a good builder is essential to the swift running of any development. Through years of experience and developing a strong team of professional tradesmen, Ricky Darlow Property has built a reputable company that can be relied on for your house refurbishment project.

Wether you are looking for a full house refurbishment or simply a new kitchen or bathroom we would be happy to work with you. We can provide guidance on ways to add value to your home and how to make the most out of its layout. We also understand that many clients have busy lives and do not want the stress of dealing with multiple tradesmen, we take this task on for you ensuring that your project is managed professionally.

We can also attain significant discounts on materials from reputable suppliers because we have trade accounts set up with them. We just require that you select the finishes you desire, the rest is down to us.

We look forward to hear from you.

Investment Property Development

If you are developing a property to ‘flip’ and sell on for a profit, our experienced team of construction professionals will develop to your requirements to ensure you achieve the maximum profits out of your investment.

Altering a property from the state it is in to a more marketable state, and for your efforts and time, making a profit in the process may sound simple, but over the whole project, from initial purchase to final sale a whole range of skills are necessary. Property development can be stressful, expensive time consuming and fraught with crises for the beginner, therefore handing all these issues over to a reputable company who will take on these issues for you and deliver to your requirements is a great investment.

We aim to run every aspect of the project in an efficient way. This includes organising the work and workers, collecting and filing information, and employing experts where needed. Ricky Darlow Property was developed around a passion for buying, developing and selling and this passion will be reflected into your project ensuring we deliver a quality end project that will sell quickly and for a profit. Previous projects developed have sold at full asking price on the first viewing!

We will work with you to try and maintain your focus as a developer, its important to bear in mind that your a running a business, not buying a home for yourself. If you get to personal it may fail and this is where we can be there to help guide and steer in the right direction if necessary and to keep you on budget to ensure you make a good profit.

HMO Property Investment

Because of the level of effort required to develop multi-let HMO properties, where individual tenants share kitchens and bathrooms, Ricky Darlow Property provides a comprehensive, one-stop solution for buy-to-let landlords, which begins with identifying potential property investments. Clients need never speak to an estate agent, mortgage company, builder, council official or tenant.

Profits are enhanced by the company’s ability to select the right type of property, then reorganising the internal space and increasing the habitable area, thus generating more rental income. Ricky Darlow who has an extensive portfolio of HMO properties is responsible for property sourcing and design, and knows the Northampton market very well so you can be assured you will achieve maximum returns from your invested funds.

We also project manage the refurbishment works. Generally this involves converting a 3-bedroomed property into 5-bedrooms and adding a bathroom, or if required an extension for a 6th bedroom. Examples profits from this type of investment are approximately 5 x greater or more than a standard buy to let.

From our experience we know what is required to meet fire regulations, building regulations and council requirements for space requirements of each room. Also how to market your property for the local area, where the greatest demand is to ensure you always have full occupancy with no voids so you can continually enjoy the cashflow produced.

Earn money through our Investor Finance programme

Ricky Darlow Property is offering you an exciting opportunity to make money by investing into our property projects.

We offer a very competitive, high fixed rate of return on your investment. Investments can be from £500 to £1million, and this a great way for you to start earning both interest and profit on your funds, which is far higher than any UK high street banks can offer.

How does Fixed Rate Return Investment work?

• You investment is fully secured through contracts recognised in English Law to ensure a safe and secure investment
• You invest for a short period of 6 or 12 months and receive a high fixed rate of return
• Interest on your investment can be paid to you monthly, or at the end of your term
• You enjoy the profits and at the end of your term, and take all of your funds or reinvest for another term if you wish

It’s that simple!

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